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Abdalla, Fatma Farid (2015) An Investigation into the Compatibility of Islamic Banking with Conventional Banks: A Study of Two Commercial Banks in Nairobi City. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.

Afulo, Joseph Oduor (2000) The Significance of “In Quo Omnia Constant ” in the Thought of Teilhard de Chardin. Licentiate thesis, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

Aguk, Joyce A. (2013) Evaluate the Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizobacteria Inoculation on Performance of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum). Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.

Anzuvuku, Madra Andrew (1995) Metaphysics, Man and Freedom According to Prof. K. Satchidananda Murty: An Analytic Study. Masters thesis, Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth Institute of Philosophy and Religion.

Aquino, Corazon Eunice (2015) The Role of Communication in Enhancing Fund Raising for Kenyan NGOs: A Comparative Analysis of Action Aid Kenya and Caucus for Women’s Leadership. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.

Athman, Hajara Amina (2015) The Use of Figurative Language in the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in the Book Paradise of the Pious By Imam An-Nawawi. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.


Bafuidinsoni, Haloko-Mana (1994) L' Eveque Diocesain et son "Munus" de Gouvernement dans "Christus Dominus". Licentiate thesis, Gregorian University.

Baral, Karun (2014) Conservation and Threat to Selected Monkey Species in Nepal Compared to Selected Species in Tanzania. Masters thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Bock, Simone Maylin (2015) The Inclusion of Special Educational Needs (Sen) Students in United Arab Emirates (Uae) Mainstream Schools: An Exploratory Study. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Bonis, Christopher Richard (2015) The (Un) Successful Pastor: An Investigation of Pastoral Leadership Selection within Churches in Ontario. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Borrageiro, Dannita (2014) A Pilot Exploration of the Relationship between Temperament and Psychopathology in 12-18 Year-Old Children Born at Extremely Low Birth Weight. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Brooks, C. F. (1985) Authentic Objectivity is the Fruit of Authentic Subjectivity: An Illustration through Abasement and Humility. Licentiate thesis, Pontifical Gregorian University.


Chamunorwa, Madiridze (2013) An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Sanctions in the Age of Nonpolarity: The Case of Iran. Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.

Chande, Abdin Noor (1991) Islam, Islamic Leadership and Community Development in Tanga, Tanzania. PhD thesis, Institute of Islamic Studies McGill Universit, Montreal.

Charlton, Terrence P. (1986) The Incarnation in the Thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S. J. PhD thesis, Boston College.

Chifamba, Constance (2016) A Comparative Study on the Influence of Formal and Non-Formal Career Guidance on Career Realisation by Secondary School Students. Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.


Doman, Francois (2000) Die Verband Tussen Persoonlikheid En Toesighouersukses in Die Suiwelbedryf. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Dor, Marlene (2000) An Analysis of Referrals Received by a Psychiatric Unit in a General Hospital. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Drescher, Oliver (1998) Is the Time Ripe? The Influence of Eschatology on the Debate Concerning the Timeliness of a Mission to Muslims, 1895-1914. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Du Plessis, Annelies (1995) Disputed Custody and the People Involved: An Ecosystemic Perspective. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Du Plessis, Daniel (1995) Recycled Realities the Exploration of Source Material in Contemporary Pictorial Art. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Du Plessis, Jan Abraham (1999) Artikel 2(3) Van Die Wet Op Testamente 7 Van 1953. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Du Plessis, Sandra Elizabeth (1997) Exploding the Lie: 'Angelic Womanhood' in Selected Works by Harriet Martineau, Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot. Masters thesis, University of South Afrrica.

Du Plessis, Stephen James (1998) Olivier Messiaen's Concept of Tonality. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Du Plooy, Renita Elizabeth Evelyn (1999) Die Misdaad Onsedelike Aanranding. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Duffton, Cameron Ronald (2015) Human Resources Practitioners’ Experiences of Engagement Interventions with a Financial Institution. Masters thesis, University of South Afrrica.


Edelsburg, Zaha Va (2000) The New Within the Given -Collage Principles and Processes in Contemporary Painting. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Ekeno, Augostine Edan (2012) The International Criminal Court and African Conflicts: Transitional Justice in Kenya after the Post-Election Violence. MPhil thesis, University of Dublin (Trinity College).

Ekwueme, Evaristus Okechukwu (2008) Bernard Lonergan's Notion of Emergent Probability: Computer Aided Insights and a Possible Implementation on African History. PhD thesis, Boston College.

Elizaphan, Muuro Maina (2015) Intelligent Support in Group Work In Online Collaborative Learning Environment. PhD thesis, University of Nairobi.

Emeji, Ikenna Chibuzor (2015) Production and Characterization of Biofuel from Waste Cooking Oil. Masters thesis, University of south Afrrica.

Engelbrecht, Gerhard Nieuwoudt (1997) A Dynamic Simulation Model to Optimize Soft Kill Tactics Employed By a Generic Fast Attack Craft against a Generic Surface-To-Surface, Fire-And-Forget Missile. Masters thesis, University of south Afrrica.

Engelbrecht, Gert Hermias (2001) Basiese Elemente Van 'N Effektiewe Jeugbediening. Masters thesis, University of South Afrrica.

Engelbrecht, Ockert Michiel (2001) Die Finanslele Posisie Van Gades Na Egskeiding Met Spesifieke Verwysing Na Die "Clean Break''- Begins El. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Enyegue, Jean Luc (2013) “The Light Shines in the Darkness, and the Darkness has not Overcome it” The Spirit Beyond the Christological Debate: Toward a Pneumatological Interpretation of John 1:5. Licentiate thesis, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

Esterhuizen, Martha Louisa (2015) Die Rol Van Die Akademiese Biblioteek Rakende Inligtinggeletterdheid Van Eerstejaarstudente Aan Die Noordwes-Universiteit Se Vaaldriehoekkampus. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.

Esterhuysen, Anna Elizabeth Carolina (1996) Orem Se Teorie Toegepas in Die Gemeenskapgesondheidpraktyk. Masters thesis, University of South Afrrica.

Eybers, Cornelia (2000) Die Komplementariteit Tussen Intimiteit En Afstand in Die Terapeutiese Verhouding. Masters thesis, Universiteit Van Suid-Afrika.


Falkenberg, Ryan James (2000) An Evaluation of an Instructor-Led and Self-Managed Computer Software Training Course. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Farago, Lydia (2001) "Ein Jed Er Wird Nach Seinem Mass Gerichtet ... "Richter, Gerichtete Und Die Gerechtigkeit In Durrenmatts Kriminalromanen. Masters thesis, University of South Africa.

Foro, Emmanuel (1998) Le Perimetre Irrigue de Di Dans la Vallee du Sourou : Une Experience de Gestion Paysanne. Masters thesis, Universite de Ouagadougou.


Gaba, Charles (1998) Prostitution: "Dangerous Women or Women in Danger". Undergraduate thesis, Tangaza College - Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Gayle, Kaplan Dolgoy (1998) The Effect of Teaching Second Language Students a Combination of Metacognitive and Cognitive Strategies for Reading and Listening Comprehension. Masters thesis, University of South Afrrica.

Gertrude, Bvindi (2014) The Impact of Transformation in United States of America (USA) Foreign Policy Approach from the Bush to the Obama Administrations on Middle East Peace and Security: The Case of Iraq (2000-2013). Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.

Gilger, Patrick (2007) Hermeneutics and Conversion. Masters thesis, Loyola University Chicago.

Gondo, Misheck (2014) Right of Minority People to Self-Determination Under International Law: The Case of Tibet (2003 -2013). Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.

Grissom, Catherine Cheri (2008) Courting the Divine: The Religion of Love in Amadís De Gaula, La Celestina, and El Siervo Libre De Amor. Masters thesis, Texas Tech University.

Gumba, D.E.O. (2012) Adaptation du manuel parlons français à l’enseignement du Français au Kenya. Masters thesis, Kenyatta University.


Houdek, Francis Joseph (1979) Contemplation in the Life and Works of Saint Cyril of Alexandria. PhD thesis, University of California.

Hwa, Seo Seol (2015) A Comparative Study of Inequality in Kenya and South Korea, 1960s - 2014. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.


Ikunza, Ignatius (1996) La Liberté et la Créativité Humaines chez Karl Popper. Undergraduate thesis, ST. Pierre Canisius, Kinshasa.

Irungu, Lucy Njeri (1992) Le role et la place des textes littéraires dans l'apprentissage du francais langue entrangere dans les ecoles secondaires kenyannes. Masters thesis, Kenyatta University.


Kifle, Wansamo (1993) Situation, Contenu, et Importance de l'Éthique de la Discussion selon J. Habermas. Undergraduate thesis, Institut de Philosophie S. Pierre Canisius Kinshasa.

Kiyimba, Kizito (2009) Michael Polanyi's Theory of Tacit Knowledge: An Epistemology of Skill in Science. PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Kiyimba, Kizito (2003) Verständnis, Kritik und Anwendung der Antwort Eberhard Jüngels auf das Atheismusphänomen. Licentiate thesis, Frankfurt am Main.

Klink, Peter J. (1982) Church and Inculturation: A Missiology in Search of Practice. Masters thesis, The Jesuit School of Theology - Berkeley.

Kpanie, Addy (2010) Is Simmons Right? : A Critical Appraisal of the General Conclusion of A. John Simmons’s Moral Principles and Political Obligations. Masters thesis, University of London, Heythrop College.

Kyara, Valensi Joachim Corbinian (2010) Urban Poverty: Accessibility to Health and Education Services with Special Reference to the City of Chennai. Masters thesis, Loyola College (Autonomous) Chennai.

Kyungu, Rigobert Musenge (2002) "Ωρα et Δόξα" Dans le Quatrieme Evangile: Approche exégétique. Licentiate thesis, Facultes Catholiques de Kinshasa.


Lobunda, Gustave (2012) Social Justice and Solidarity in Amos Case Study of HIV in Kinshasa. Licentiate thesis, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.


Mahinge, Paul Waithaka (2005) Determinants of Performance of Teachers in Middle Level Colleges: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Colleges in Thika District. Masters thesis, Kenyatta University.

Makokha, John Wanjala (2015) Utilization of Kwale Ilmenite Ore in Production of Refractory Firebricks. Masters thesis, University Of Nairobi.

Masereka, Godfrey (2011) An Investigation into the Role of School-Based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) in Enhancing Teachers’ Confidence, Esteem and Leadership Potential. Masters thesis, University of London.

Metena, M. M'nteba (1984) Le dilemme du juste et de l'efficace dans l'etat moderne: essai d'articulation de l'ethique et de la politique dans la "philosophie politique" d'eric weil. Undergraduate thesis, Université de Lubumbashi.

Mkwama, Anna Batrome (2004) Implementation of Market Orientation in Not-For-Profit Organizations and it's Impact on Performance: Donor Perspective a Survey on U.K and Kenya. Masters thesis, University of Central England Business School.

Munson, Robert B. (2005) The Landscape of German Colonialism: Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, Ca. 1890 – 1916. PhD thesis, Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Murhula, Toussaint Kafarhire (2005) Understanding the Congolese Crisis in the Light of Globalization: An Ethical Challenge to Poverty and Underdevelopment. Licentiate thesis, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

Muthoni, Joseph Mathenge (2015) E-Verification: A Case of Academic Testimonials. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi.

Mwiinga, Donald Muunze (2012) A Theoretical Re-Assessment of the Use of the Distinction between Every Day and Academic Knowledge’s in Basil Bernstein’s Theory of Educational Transmissions. Masters thesis, University of Cape Town.

Mwijage, Paschal (1999) The Link Between Faith and Justice in Ignatian Spirituality: With Reference to the Fomula of the Institute. Licentiate thesis, Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy.


N'djomon, Abel Béranger (2010) Apports de l’École Autrichienne d’Économie à l’analyse des problèmes de développement : Une analyse catallactique du développement. PhD thesis, Aix-Marseille Université Université D'aix-Marseille III – Paul Cézanne.


Ndomba, Mathieu (2004) Catholic Provision for the Historicization of Human Rights. Licentiate thesis, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

Nembaware, Lazarus (2004) The Comparability of Standards Set at the Zimbabwe General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level in Geography 2248 and Integrated Science 5006 over a Period of Three Years. Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.

Neuhaus, David Mark (1991) Between Quiescence and Arousal: The Political Functions of Religion. A Case Study of the Arab Minority in Israel: 1948-1990. PhD thesis, The Senate of the Hebrew University.

Ngaiza, Raymond Edward (2009) A Theory of Justice can be Defended Against Sandel’s Critique of Rawls’ Conception of the Self. Masters thesis, University of London.

Njeri, George Macharia (2013) Open, Distance and E-Learning in Kenyan Universities: The Case of the Institute of Open, Distance and E-Learning at Kenyatta University. Masters thesis, University of London.

Nziramasanga, Caiphas Tizanaye (1978) African Immigration to Rhodesia. PhD thesis, Oklahoma State University.


Ogot, Keneth Otieno (2012) Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Leaves of Canavalia Mollis and Lawsonia Inermis, Characterization and In Vitro Screening for Their Antibacterial Activity. Masters thesis, St. Joseph’s college (Autonomous) -Tiruchirappalli Affiliated to Bharathidasan University.

Ojara, Pius (2005) Towards Greater Freedom with Human Bodiliness: An Existential Hermeneutics. PhD thesis, Marquette University..

Orji, Chukwuemeka (1998) And Yahweh Delivered David Wherever he Went (2Sam 8,6B.14B) Composition and Redaction Criticism of 2Sam 1-8. PhD thesis, Pontificiae Universitatis Gregoriana.

Otieno, Peter (2005) Von Balthasar's "Dramatic Moment" as a Tool for Inculturation in Africa. Licentiate thesis, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.


Quenum, Jean-Marie Hyacinthe (1994) Christologie et Soteriologie d'Apres la Sixième Étape du Traité Fondamental de la Foi de Karl Rahner. Masters thesis, Centre Sèvres.

Quenum, Jean-Marie Hyacinthe (1986) La Conscience Historique dans l'Aventure Ambiguë de Cheikh Hamidou Kane. Undergraduate thesis, Institut de Philosophie S. Pierre Canisius Kinshasa.


Rusembuka, Muhigirwa (1997) Les Deux Voies du Developpement Human Selon Bernard J. F. Lonergan. Anticipation dans Insight. PhD thesis, Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana.

Rusembuka, Muhigirwa (1992) Les deux votes du développement humain selon Bernard Lonergan: Leur origine dans Insight. Masters thesis, Toronto School of Theology Regis College.


Shirima, Amedeus L. (1999) Nyerere's "Ujamaa" Policy and the Ethics of the Human Person in Community: Comparisons with Thomas Aquinas. PhD thesis, The Graduate School in Candidacy.

Shumdehan, Hailemichael (1996) The Nature and Role of Karl Popper's Falsification Principle. Masters thesis, Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Sinaga, Theresia (2014) An Evaluation of the Haitian Perceptions and Attitudes toward the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti A Study of Human Rights Violation by the United Nations Peacekeepers. Masters thesis, Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations, Hekima College - A Constituent College of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Slot, Henny (1986) African Customary and Christian Marriage. Licentiate thesis, Institut , International de Catéchèse et de Pastorale Affilié À L'universite Catholique de Louvain.

Sumani, Wilfred (2014) Benedicite Omnia Opera Domini Domino: The Canticle of the Three Servants in the Fiery Furnace (Dan 3, 52 – 88) as a Liturgical “Classic” in the Roman Tradition. PhD thesis, Pontificium Athenaeum S. Anselmi de Urbe - Pontificum Institutum Liturgicum.


Tangonyire, Raymond Chegedua (2014) Exploring perceptions of “critical friendship” in relation to the environment for learning in two senior high schools in Ghana. MPhil thesis, University of Cambridge.


Wambugu, Jennifer W. (2014) Effects of Drawing Approach and Class Setting on Symbolism of Children's Drawings on Conflict Experiences: A Study of Primary School Pupils in Nairobi County, Kenya. PhD thesis, Kenyatta University.


Zengeya, Munyaradzi Alexander (2007) A Critical Analysis of the One Hundred Years of Growth and Development of Technical and Vocational Education Policy in Zimbabwe: 1890 - 1990. Masters thesis, University of Zimbabwe.

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